9 Tips For Decorating Your Perfect Patio

9 Tips For Decorating Your Perfect Patio

Decorating your patio is hard work when you don’t know the basics. You have to be realistic with yourself and decide what you’re going to be doing with your patio.

If you’re going to throw a lot of parties, you need to make you patio party friendly. If your patio is going to be a place of relaxation and quiet, then you need to buy the appropriate decor to make it such. Continue reading below for some tips on how to decorate your patio.

Decorating Your Patio: 9 Tips

For achieving that elegant and comfortable look we recommend the following:

  • Make Outdoor Space an Extension of your Interior Space
  • Mix and Match Certain Furniture
  • Keep all Furniture Weather Resistant
  • Don’t be Afraid to use Curtains
  • Be Aware of your Patio Size
  • Include a Kitchen
  • Split up your Patio into Zones
  • Make sure you have Proper Lighting
  • Get Creative with your Garden
Minimalist patio decor with orange accents

Make Outdoor Space An Extension Of Your Interior Space

Having your house effortlessly flow design wise is the goal everyone should have when decorating their patio space. If you have predominately white furniture inside your home, you should include a majority of white furniture when choosing patio furniture sets.

Some designers recommend buying from the same furniture company you used to decorate the interior of your house.

Mix And Match Certain Furniture

Keep in mind that when you're throwing parties, you want certain decorations to match your home's interior identically. If you have a table that's similar to the one you use for your dining room, make use of it on your patio. You'll have people complimenting your patio left and right.

Most interior designers recommend buying decor that completely contradicts one another. If you have predominately white furniture, buy black pillows. The black pillow will accent well with your white furniture sets and will most likely pop out.

Keep All Furniture Weather Resistant

A patio is subject to all different types of weather conditions, so it’s smart to buy furniture that can withstand it. Anything made with polyester is weather resistant and UV ray proof.

The best kind of patio umbrellas are the ones made from polyester because they provide sufficient protection against the elements.

When you buy weather resistant furniture, you no longer have to bring everything in when it’s about to rain. Even if you forget, none of your money will have gone to waste.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Curtains

Initially, people are turned off by the idea of using curtains on their patio space.

Curtains are a hassle to clean, but they turn your patio into a magical place. If you're looking to make your patio a private area, you can seclude off a section using curtains.

Curtains come in handy when you’re looking for some peace and quiet.

Those who love to take naps outside during the summertime will find great joy including curtains in their backyard space.

Patio design with gray seating and dining area

Be Aware Of Your Patio Size

Before you do any shopping for your patio, you should take note of your patio's measurements. If you have a small patio, it's recommended not to go crazy with furniture sets. A smaller patio looks better and more spacious when you have fewer furniture pieces that are large.

Having a small patio with a lot of small furniture pieces will make your space look overcrowded. Your backyard wouldn't become a place of relaxation if you were to overcrowd it.

Professionals recommend buying a few large couches and a moderately sized table. Buying these items are the essentials to decorating your patio.

Include A Kitchen

If you have a large patio and the money, you should also include your very own kitchen as part of your patio.

Patio kitchen in stone

There are companies that will set up the entire kitchen as well as the parts necessary to make it run smoothly.

For those who love to have family cookouts, including a kitchen on your patio, would be an excellent idea. You can invite the whole family over and enjoy a couple of burgers while comfortably lounging on your patio's sofa.

Some designers recommend including a stereo if you decide to build a kitchen. Music and food go well together, and having professional quality speakers will elevate your patio to the next level.

Split Up Your Patio Into Zones

For those who have spacious patios and can’t figure out where to put all the furniture, designers recommend splitting your patio into zones.

If you have a pool, you can have a seating area that’s reserved for people who are using the pool. This prevents people from ruining any furniture that may not be waterproof.

When you have company, it'd be good to have an area reserved for people who are visiting. You can make areas open to individuals with the use of curtains.

If you haven't cleaned a portion of your patio, you can easily section it off with your curtain. Visitors will know that is off limits.

Make Sure You Have Proper Lighting

A patio without good lighting is useless. When people throw parties on their patio, it happens at night.

You need to make sure to install all the necessary light fixtures before inviting people over to see your new patio.

You can't have people over if the patio is in complete darkness. If you're on a budget, professionals recommend buying Christmas tree lights. These lights are inexpensive, and you can get creative with wrapping them around your decor.

You even have different colored lights to choose from, but white is recommended if you want to keep your patio clean and simple.

Lightening setup on the patio using floor lights and small  hanging lights

Get Creative With Your Garden

Having a patio means you can finally have that garden you've dreamed of. It's smart to section off space on your patio that's going to be specifically used for your garden.

For those on a low budget, designers recommend buying small pots and use them as accents around your patio. A nice looking pot with a beautiful flower emerging from it looks cleaner and more elegant than a whole garden of flowers.

If you have a large patio, you have the proper space for a full blown garden. Professionals recommend making a mini fence around your garden to ward off pests and other dangerous animals from ruining it.


It's a shame when people have a patio, but don't know how to decorate it properly. You can make any patio look the way you want it on any budget because you can make a lot of the decorations yourself.

For those still not sure that they can decorate their patio, I would recommend getting the advice of a professional interior designer. They will look at both the inside and outside of your home and find a way to make them complement one another.

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