Keter Corfu Love Seat Review

Keter Corfu Love Seat Review

Finding the right seating for your patio can be stressful, especially if you plan on throwing several parties. You need to find a sofa that will comfortably fit at least two people while not taking up a lot of space.

Keter Corfu Love Seat is one of the best selling patio furniture because it complements any patio design while conserving space. You can't go wrong buying a Keter Corfu Love Seat. Below is a detailed review of Keter Corfu Love Seat.

About The Product


  • Open Weave Rattan Design
  • Decay Resistant
  • Weather Proof Cushions
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Comfort
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The loveseat is made out of UV, weather, and rain resistant resin; meaning that the chair will remain sturdy for an extended period.

Also, it has a weight capacity of 600lbs and can fit up to three people. It's a great entry-level piece of furniture that's guaranteed to add beauty to your home.

First, it's primary advantage lies in its comfortable seating. The loveseat contains ergonomic armrests and seats that can adjust to any desired position. Because of this, users like this chair because it grants them the maximum amount of comfort.

Shoppers liked the love seat's easy installation process. On average, it took customers a maximum of 2 hours to completely install the love seat.

Keter Corfu Love Seat All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture in the backyard

This places it a step above the competition whose installation instructions are confusing for most shoppers.

Consumers across the board complained about the design of the seat. Most reviewers noticed a crack on the back of their loveseat. The crack occurs after a short amount of time and makes it difficult to use the loveseat comfortably. We suggest getting a replacement seat if this problem arises.

Overall, it's a great loveseat to add to your patio. The seat is weather resistant, easy to install and is comfortable. Take care of the back section of the seat because of its low durability. Ultimately, this product is an excellent choice for those wanting a simple piece of furniture for their home.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about Keter Corfu Love Seat's universal ability to match any decor. If you feel the need to switch up the decorations on your patio, you can be safely assured that your Keter Corfu Love Seat will match anything you decide to use.

What Do Others Say?

Buyers all make a note that Keter Corfu Love Seat is made of plastic but gives off the appearance of it being woven.

Some people don't like the idea that it's made out of plastic, but plastic is one of the sturdiest materials used for patio furniture.

Love Seats with metal frames tend to rust over time, so one that's made out of plastic is sure to last for several years.

One buyer never covered her Keter Corfu Love Seat, and it survived through two harsh winters. The customer is still using the love seats to this day.

Woman sitting on the Keter Corfu Love Seat All Weather Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture on the beach

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, Keter Corfu Love Seat is a must buy if you have a patio and are looking to redecorate it.

Where Can I Buy?

Amazon is the preferred online retailer to buy Keter Corfu Love Seat. Amazon offers a 30% discount as well as free shipping when you make your order today.

Final Verdict

This is the optimal product if you're looking to revamp your entire patio and want something that will last you a long time. I would highly recommend buying Keter Corfu Love Seat.


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