California Umbrella Review

California Umbrella Review

Buying a patio umbrella is harder than it looks. People typically buy umbrellas based on design and low price, but that is a sure way to buying the wrong umbrella.

Most outdoor umbrellas you buy end up breaking after several times of use because of its cheap build. If you spend at least $15 every time you buy a patio umbrella, you'll end up spending hundreds of dollars by the end of the year.

For those living in an exceptionally rainy area, you can't afford to buy a new umbrella every time you decide to open up your patio.

About The Product

California Umbrellas cost slightly more than your generic umbrella, but the price difference makes all the difference. These umbrellas are guaranteed to last a couple of years, even if you live in an area where you experience excessive rain and wind.


  • Overall dimensions: 92 inch x 90 inch x 90 inch
  • Button feature
  • Frame: 100% Aluminum
  • Fiberglass Ribs
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Base is sold separately
California Umbrella 7.5 inch Round

Who Is California Umbrella?

Since 1946, California Umbrella has been protecting people's heads from the rain and the sun. Even though the world around them changed, California Umbrella kept its original umbrella design. The only thing California Umbrella altered about its umbrella is the materials used.

Modern technology made it possible for California Umbrella to produce a sturdier and more durable product. The company has expanded since the 1940’s and now has factories worldwide. In fact, California Umbrellas is internationally known for manufacturing the highest quality patio umbrellas out there.

What people don’t know about California Umbrellas is that you have the option to customize your umbrella to your specific needs. You can easily have your umbrella complement your backyard decor. Ultimately, the manufacturer leaves you feeling satisfied with your purchase.

Who Can Benefit?

You don’t want to waste your money and have your umbrella break down on you when you need it most.

California Umbrella 7.5' Round Aluminum Pole Fiberglass Rib Umbrella on the balcony

People who use their backyard patio constantly are the ones who would find great benefit from buying a California Umbrella.

California Umbrellas are designed to withstand high winds and extreme downpour as well as efficiently block harmful UV rays.

If you need an umbrella in the spring and summer, California Umbrella's will be your go to choice.

Those who prefer spacious umbrellas will also find great use out of California Umbrella. The roomy 7.5-foot canopy offers extra shade as well as makes sure you don't get wet.

This umbrella can do two jobs and will last you a couple of years before it breaks down. Even though the umbrella is pricey, the extra money will be worth it in the end.

What’s The Design?

The secret behind California Umbrellas creating the most popular patio umbrella is the materials used during the manufacturing process.

The ability for the buyer to customize their umbrella also leaves people feeling content with their order. You have the chance to have your entire home's decor match. You'll earn yourself some compliments when you have guests over.

Fiberglass Ribs

Patio umbrellas either have fiberglass ribs or steel ribs, but California Umbrella utilizes fiberglass for a reason.

Steel ribs tend to be durable and are widely used. You'll find out that most patio umbrellas have steel ribs, but these umbrellas aren't the ones that will last a long time. Steel isn't flexible, so when exposed to harsh winds, the rib frame will snap.

Fiberglass is just as strong as steel, but it's also flexible.

This makes fiberglass an ideal material to use for umbrella rib frames.

In case you're not familiar with fiberglass, it's used for fishing to kayaking, so it functions under extreme weather conditions.

When it’s super windy, a fiberglass rib umbrella will flip inside out, which is preferred if you’re leaving it out on the patio. Steel ribs just snap in half, making the umbrella useless.

California Umbrella 7.5 inch Round

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Fiberglass weighs a lot lighter than steel, so your umbrella won’t weigh you down while you’re traveling. California Umbrella uses fiberglass for its umbrella because it offers more benefits to the user than steel does.

Polyester Fabric

California Umbrella utilizes polyester fabric for its patio umbrella, which is a major reason for the product’s durability against harsh conditions.

Most patio umbrellas aren't made of polyester but are made of nylon. Nylon is easier and cheaper to make but doesn't function as effectively as polyester. It is rarer to find patio umbrellas made with polyester because of how expensive it is to produce.

Polyester provides superior coverage when compared to nylon. In fact, a less percentage of UV-rays were reported to filter through polyester than nylon. Polyester also weighs less than nylon, so it further promotes California Umbrella lightweight feature.

If you want to print a logo on your patio umbrella, nylon works better. Polyester does not respond to ink as well as nylon does. People who want a basic outdoor umbrella will find great use from California Umbrella.

Insider Thoughts

Buyers rave about California Umbrella because of the high-quality fabric it's made out of. In fact, almost every buyer had positive things to say about the polyester fabric. This is because polyester feels like the high-grade version of nylon.

What Do Others Say?

Most buyers hate buying something online and having it look different in person.

California Umbrella is an exception to the issue because the color you see online is what you’ll receive in the mail.

Assembly took buyers a couple of minutes because most of the pieces were already put together. The outcome is a basic patio umbrella that will function perfectly fine either in sun or rain.

California Umbrella 7.5' Round Aluminum Pole Fiberglass Rib Umbrella in the back yard

Buyer Advice

Based on positive buyer reviews, California Umbrella is your ideal standard outdoor umbrella that will provide shade for many years to come.

Where Can I Buy?

Amazon is the preferred retailer to purchase California Umbrella products. Amazon offers several colors to choose from that are valued at different price ranges. The most popular umbrella sold is yellow because it's the most iconic one.

Final Verdict

This is the ideal patio umbrella because it’ll last you a long time and keep your patio dry. I would highly recommend buying California Umbrella.


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