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Your home is your castle whether you live in a 4 bedroom house or a 400 sf studio apartment. During our life we'll spend almost a third of that time in our homes - nesting, feeding, entertaining and just enjoying that time alone or with others...Read more>

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garden gnomes

The Curious History and Mythology of Garden Gnomes

The History & Mythology Of Garden Gnomes is more interesting than you might think In many neighborhoods – the world over, it’s quite common to walk past a well […]


What is the Difference Between Hydroponics and Aeroponics

There are alternative options for growing plants beyond the traditional pot of dirt. Hydroponics and aeroponics both have advantages that make them suitable for sustaining plants. Even though growing […]


How to Space Vegetables in a Raised Bed

Raised garden beds are an excellent option when it comes to vegetable gardening since they provide a simple but effective alternative to growing in poor soil. A raised garden […]


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Eucalyptus vs Teak for Outdoor Furniture

Eucalyptus vs Teak for Outdoor Furniture

Both wood and teak are tropical hardwoods which vary in price, quality and durability. Teak is well known for its outstanding longevity, luxurious grain, and elegant golden appearance. A […]

Best Patio Heaters

Best Patio Heaters

There is no better way to warm both the atmosphere and area of an outdoor space than through using a great patio heater. Safe, attractive and invaluable during colder […]

Best Patio Dining Set

Best Patio Dining Set

A good patio dining set will last you for many years, providing comfort and a stylish accent to any outdoor area. Aluminum and cast aluminum patio dining sets arrive […]

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